Class FixedResultPipe

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HasTransactionAttribute, IConfigurable, IConfigurationAware, IForwardTarget, INamedObject, IPipe, IScopeProvider, IWithParameters, EventThrowing, HasStatistics, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware
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@Category("Basic") @ElementType(TRANSLATOR) public class FixedResultPipe extends FixedForwardPipe
Produces a fixed result that does not depend on the input message. It may return the contents of a file when filename or filenameSessionKey is specified. Otherwise the value of attribute returnString is returned.

Using parameters and the attributes of this pipe, it is possible to substitute values. This pipe performs the following steps:
  1. During execution, this pipe first obtains a string based on attributes returnString, filename or filenameSessionKey.
  2. The resulting string is transformed according to attributes replaceFrom and replaceTo if set. Please note that the plain value of attribute replaceFrom is matched, no ?{...} here.
  3. The resulting string is substituted based on the parameters of this pipe. This step depends on attribute replaceFixedParams. Assume that there is a parameter with name xyz. If replaceFixedParams is false, then each occurrence of ?{xyz} is replaced by the parameter's value. Otherwise, the text xyz is substituted. See Parameter to see how parameter values are determined.
  4. If attribute substituteVars is true, then expressions ${...} are substituted using system properties, pipelinesession variables and application properties. Please note that no ${...} patterns are left if the initial string came from attribute returnString, because any ${...} pattern in attribute returnString is substituted when the configuration is loaded.
  5. If attribute styleSheetName is set, then the referenced XSLT stylesheet is applied to the resulting string.

Many attributes of this pipe reference file names. If a file is referenced by a relative path, the path is relative to the configuration's root directory.
Johan Verrips
Used for substitution. For a parameter named xyz, the string ?{xyz} or xyz (if replaceFixedParams is true) is substituted by the parameter's value.
  • Constructor Details

    • FixedResultPipe

      public FixedResultPipe()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public void configure() throws ConfigurationException
      checks for correct configuration, and translates the filename to a file, to check existence. If a filename or filenameSessionKey was specified, the contents of the file is put in the returnString, so that the returnString may always be returned.
      Specified by:
      configure in interface IConfigurable
      Specified by:
      configure in interface IPipe
      configure in class FixedForwardPipe
    • doPipe

      public PipeRunResult doPipe(Message message, PipeLineSession session) throws PipeRunException
      Description copied from interface: IPipe
      This is where the action takes place. Pipes may only throw a PipeRunException, to be handled by the caller of this object. Implementations must either consume the message, or pass it on to the next Pipe in the PipeRunResult. If the result of the Pipe does not depend on the input, like for the FixedResultPipe, the Pipe can schedule the input to be closed at session exit, by calling Message.closeOnCloseOf(PipeLineSession, String) This allows the previous Pipe to release any resources (e.g. connections) that it might have kept open until the message was consumed. Doing so avoids connections leaking from pools, while it enables efficient streaming processing of data while it is being read from a stream.
    • setSubstituteVars

      public void setSubstituteVars(boolean substitute)
      Should values between ${ and } be resolved. If true, the search order of replacement values is: system properties (1), PipelineSession variables (2), application properties (3).
      Default value
    • setFilename

      public void setFilename(String filename)
      Name of the file containing the result message.
    • setFilenameSessionKey

      public void setFilenameSessionKey(String filenameSessionKey)
      Name of the session key containing the file name of the file containing the result message.
    • setReturnString

      public void setReturnString(String returnString)
      Returned message.
    • setReplaceFrom

      public void setReplaceFrom(String replaceFrom)
      If set, every occurrence of this attribute's value is replaced by the value of replaceTo.
    • setReplaceTo

      public void setReplaceTo(String replaceTo)
      See replaceFrom.
    • setStyleSheetName

      public void setStyleSheetName(String styleSheetName)
      File name of XSLT stylesheet to apply.
    • setReplaceFixedParams

      public void setReplaceFixedParams(boolean b)
      When set true, parameter replacement matches name-of-parameter, not ?{name-of-parameter}
      Default value
    • setUseOldSubstitutionStartDelimiter

      @Deprecated(since="8.1") @ConfigurationWarning("please use ?{key} instead where possible so it\'s clear when to use properties and when to use session variables") public void setUseOldSubstitutionStartDelimiter(boolean old)
    • getFilename

      public String getFilename()
    • getFilenameSessionKey

      public String getFilenameSessionKey()
    • getReturnString

      public String getReturnString()
    • isSubstituteVars

      public boolean isSubstituteVars()
    • getReplaceFrom

      public String getReplaceFrom()
    • getReplaceTo

      public String getReplaceTo()
    • getStyleSheetName

      public String getStyleSheetName()
    • isReplaceFixedParams

      public boolean isReplaceFixedParams()
    • getSubstitutionStartDelimiter

      public String getSubstitutionStartDelimiter()