Interface HasSender

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BlobLineIteratingPipe, ClobLineIteratingPipe, FileLineIteratorPipe, ForEachChildElementPipe, IteratingPipe, JdbcIteratingPipeBase, JmsListener, JmsListenerBase, LobLineIteratingPipeBase, MailSenderPipe, MessageSendingPipe, PullingJmsListener, PushingJmsListener, Receiver, ResultSetIteratingPipe, SenderPipe, StreamLineIteratorPipe, StringIteratorPipe, XmlFileElementIteratorPipe, ZipIteratorPipe

public interface HasSender extends INamedObject
The HasSender is allows objects to declare that they have a Sender. This is used for instance in ShowConfiguration, to show the Senders of receivers that have one
Gerrit van Brakel
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