Package org.frankframework.ldap

package org.frankframework.ldap
  • Class
    Client for LDAP.
    consider setting the following properties:
    - java.naming.provider.url
    - com.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.pool
    - java.naming.referral = follow
    - nl.nn.iuf.LdapClient.groupAttributeCache.timeToLive

    Connection Pooling:
    To set connection pool properties that are set as custom properties, create a properties file named with the attributes and place in the classpath.
    Pipe that returns the memberships of a userDN.
    Pipe that checks if a specified dn exists as 'member' in another specified dn in LDAP.
    Base pipe for querying LDAP.
    Sender to obtain information from and write to an LDAP Directory.