Interface IParameter

All Superinterfaces:
org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, IConfigurable, IConfigurationAware, INamedObject, IScopeProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractParameter, BooleanParameter, DateParameter, NumberParameter, Parameter

@FrankDocGroup(PARAMETER) public interface IParameter extends IConfigurable
  • Method Details

    • getType

      ParameterType getType()
    • getMode

    • requiresInputValueForResolution

      boolean requiresInputValueForResolution()
    • consumesSessionVariable

      boolean consumesSessionVariable(String sessionKey)
    • setSessionKey

      void setSessionKey(String sessionKey)
      Key of a PipelineSession-variable.
      If specified, the value of the PipelineSession variable is used as input for the xpathExpression or stylesheet, instead of the current input message.
      If no xpathExpression or stylesheet are specified, the value itself is returned.
      If the value '*' is specified, all existing sessionkeys are added as parameter of which the name starts with the name of this parameter.
      If also the name of the parameter has the value '*' then all existing sessionkeys are added as parameter (except tsReceived)
    • getSessionKey

      String getSessionKey()
    • setValue

      void setValue(String value)
      The value of the parameter, or the base for transformation using xpathExpression or stylesheet, or formatting.
    • getValue

      String getValue()
    • getValue

      Object getValue(ParameterValueList alreadyResolvedParameters, Message message, PipeLineSession session, boolean namespaceAware) throws ParameterException
    • isHidden

      boolean isHidden()