Interface HasKeystore

All Superinterfaces:
org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, IConfigurationAware, IScopeProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
HttpSender, HttpSenderBase, HttpSession, HttpSessionBase, MultipartHttpSender, RestSender, SendGridSender, SignaturePipe, WebServiceSender

public interface HasKeystore extends IConfigurationAware
  • Method Details

    • getKeystore

      String getKeystore()
    • getKeystoreType

      KeystoreType getKeystoreType()
    • getKeystoreAuthAlias

      String getKeystoreAuthAlias()
    • getKeystorePassword

      String getKeystorePassword()
    • getKeystoreAlias

      String getKeystoreAlias()
    • getKeystoreAliasAuthAlias

      String getKeystoreAliasAuthAlias()
    • getKeystoreAliasPassword

      String getKeystoreAliasPassword()
    • getKeyManagerAlgorithm

      String getKeyManagerAlgorithm()
    • setKeystore

      void setKeystore(String keystore)
      Resource url to keystore or certificate. If none specified, the JVMs default keystore will be used.
    • setKeystoreType

      void setKeystoreType(KeystoreType keystoreType)
      Type of keystore
      Default value
    • setKeystoreAuthAlias

      void setKeystoreAuthAlias(String keystoreAuthAlias)
      Authentication alias used to obtain keystore password
    • setKeystorePassword

      void setKeystorePassword(String keystorePassword)
      Default password to access keystore
    • setKeyManagerAlgorithm

      void setKeyManagerAlgorithm(String keyManagerAlgorithm)
      Key manager algorithm. Can be left empty to use the servers default algorithm
    • setKeystoreAlias

      void setKeystoreAlias(String keystoreAlias)
      Alias to obtain specific certificate or key in keystore
    • setKeystoreAliasAuthAlias

      void setKeystoreAliasAuthAlias(String keystoreAliasAuthAlias)
      Authentication alias to authenticate access to certificate or key indicated by keystoreAlias
    • setKeystoreAliasPassword

      void setKeystoreAliasPassword(String keystoreAliasPassword)
      Default password to authenticate access to certificate or key indicated by keystoreAlias