Class JdbcQuerySenderBase<H>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    HasPhysicalDestination, IBlockEnabledSender<H>, IConfigurable, IConfigurationAware, INamedObject, IScopeProvider, ISender, ISenderWithParameters, IWithParameters, IXAEnabled, HasStatistics, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    DirectQuerySender, FixedQuerySender

    public abstract class JdbcQuerySenderBase<H>
    extends JdbcSenderBase<H>
    This executes the query that is obtained from the (here still abstract) method getStatement. Descendent classes can override getStatement to provide meaningful statements. If used with parameters, the values of the parameters will be applied to the statement. Each occurrence of a questionmark ('?') will be replaced by a parameter value. Parameters are applied in order: The n-th questionmark is replaced by the value of the n-th parameter.

    Note on using packages

    The package processor makes some assumptions about the datatypes:
    • elements that start with a single quote are assumed to be Strings
    • elements that contain a dash ('-') are assumed to be dates (yyyy-MM-dd) or timestamps (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss)
    • elements containing a dot ('.') are assumed to be floats
    • all other elements are assumed to be integers

    Queries that return no data (queryType 'other') return a message indicating the number of rows processed
    Gerrit van Brakel
    all parameters present are applied to the statement to be executed
    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcQuerySenderBase

        public JdbcQuerySenderBase()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public void configure()
                       throws ConfigurationException
        Description copied from interface: ISender
        configure() is called once at startup of the framework in the configure method of the owner of this sender. Purpose of this method is to check whether the static configuration of the sender is correct. As much as possible class-instantiating should take place in the configure() or open() method, to improve performance.
        Specified by:
        configure in interface IConfigurable
        Specified by:
        configure in interface ISender
        configure in class JdbcSenderBase<H>
      • open

        public void open()
                  throws SenderException
        Description copied from interface: ISender
        This method will be called to start the sender. After this method is called the sendMessage method may be called. Purpose of this method is to reduce creating connections to databases etc. in the sendMessage() method.
        Specified by:
        open in interface ISender
        open in class JdbcSenderBase<H>
      • closeConnectionForSendMessage

        protected void closeConnectionForSendMessage​(Connection connection,
                                                     PipeLineSession session)
      • adjustQueryAndParameterListForNamedParameters

        protected String adjustQueryAndParameterListForNamedParameters​(ParameterList parameterList,
                                                                       String query)
      • setPackageContent

        public void setPackageContent​(String packageContent)
        Controls wheter the returned package content is db2 format or xml format. Possible values:
        • select:
        • xml content s expected
        • anything else:
        • db2 content is expected
      • setQueryType

        public void setQueryType​(String queryType)
        Type of query to be executed
        Default value
      • setScalar

        public void setScalar​(boolean b)
        When true, the value of the first column of the first row (or the startrow) is returned as the only result, as a simple non-xml value
        Default value
      • setScalarExtended

        public void setScalarExtended​(boolean b)
        When true and scalar is also true, but returns no value, one of the following is returned:
        • '[absent]' no row is found
        • '[null]' a row is found, but the value is a SQL-NULL
        • '[empty]' a row is found, but the value is a empty string
        Default value
      • setMaxRows

        public void setMaxRows​(int i)
        The maximum number of rows to be returned from the output of select queries, -1 means unlimited rows
        Default value
      • setStartRow

        public void setStartRow​(int i)
        The number of the first row to be returned from the output of select queries. Rows before this are skipped from the output.
        Default value
      • setNullValue

        public void setNullValue​(String string)
        Value used in result as contents of fields that contain no value (sql-null)
        Default value
        empty string
      • setResultQuery

        public void setResultQuery​(String string)
        Query that can be used to obtain result of side-effect of update-query, like generated value of sequence. Example: SELECT mysequence.currval FROM dual
      • setColumnsReturned

        public void setColumnsReturned​(String string)
        Comma separated list of columns whose values are to be returned. Works only if the driver implements jdbc 3.0 getGeneratedKeys(). Note: not all drivers support multiple values and returned field names may vary between drivers. Works for H2 and Oracle. Could work for MS_SQL with a single identity column, with name GENERATED_KEYS, if a identity has been generated. Not supported for other DBMSes.
      • setUseNamedParams

        public void setUseNamedParams​(Boolean b)
        Named parameters will be auto detected by default. Every string in the query which equals "?{"paramname"}" will be replaced by the value of the corresponding parameter. The parameters don't need to be in the correct order and unused parameters are skipped.
        Default value
      • setIncludeFieldDefinition

        public void setIncludeFieldDefinition​(boolean b)
        when true, the result contains besides the returned rows also includes a header with information about the fetched fields
        Default value
        application default (true)
      • setTrimSpaces

        public void setTrimSpaces​(boolean b)
        Remove trailing blanks from all result values.
        Default value
      • setRowIdSessionKey

        public void setRowIdSessionKey​(String string)
        If specified, the rowid of the processed row is put in the pipelinesession under the specified key (only applicable for querytype=other). Note: If multiple rows are processed a SqlException is thrown.
      • setStreamResultToServlet

        public void setStreamResultToServlet​(boolean b)
        If set, the result is streamed to the HttpServletResponse object of the RestServiceDispatcher (instead of passed as bytes or as a String)
        Default value
      • setSqlDialect

        public void setSqlDialect​(String string)
        If set, the SQL dialect in which the queries are written and should be translated from to the actual SQL dialect
      • setLockRows

        public void setLockRows​(boolean b)
        When set true, exclusive row-level locks are obtained on all the rows identified by the select statement (e.g. by appending ' FOR UPDATE NOWAIT SKIP LOCKED' to the end of the query)
        Default value
      • setLockWait

        public void setLockWait​(int i)
        when set and >=0, ' FOR UPDATE WAIT #' is used instead of ' FOR UPDATE NOWAIT SKIP LOCKED'
        Default value
      • setSynchronous

        public void setSynchronous​(boolean synchronous)
        When true, the result of sendMessage is the reply of the request.
        Default value
      • setBlobColumn

        public void setBlobColumn​(int i)
        Only for querytype 'updateBlob': column that contains the BLOB to be updated
        Default value
      • setBlobSessionKey

        public void setBlobSessionKey​(String string)
        For querytype 'updateBlob': key of session variable that contains the data (String or InputStream) to be loaded to the BLOB. When empty, the input of the pipe, which then must be a String, is used. For querytype 'select': key of session variable that contains the OutputStream, Writer or Filename to write the BLOB to
      • setBlobsCompressed

        public void setBlobsCompressed​(boolean b)
        controls whether blobdata is stored compressed in the database
        Default value
      • setBlobBase64Direction

        public void setBlobBase64Direction​(Base64Pipe.Direction value)
        controls whether the streamed blobdata will need to be base64 encode or decode or not.
      • setBlobCharset

        public void setBlobCharset​(String string)
        Charset that is used to read and write BLOBs. This assumes the blob contains character data. If blobCharset and blobSmartGet are not set, BLOBs are returned as bytes. Before version 7.6, blobs were base64 encoded after being read to accommodate for the fact that senders need to return a String. This is no longer the case
      • setBlobSmartGet

        public void setBlobSmartGet​(boolean b)
        Controls automatically whether blobdata is stored compressed and/or serialized in the database
        Default value
      • setClobColumn

        public void setClobColumn​(int i)
        Only for querytype 'updateClob': column that contains the CLOB to be updated
        Default value
      • setClobSessionKey

        public void setClobSessionKey​(String string)
        For querytype 'updateClob': key of session variable that contains the CLOB (String or InputStream) to be loaded to the CLOB. When empty, the input of the pipe, which then must be a String, is used. For querytype 'select': key of session variable that contains the OutputStream, Writer or Filename to write the CLOB to
      • setCloseInputstreamOnExit

        public void setCloseInputstreamOnExit​(boolean b)
        When set to false, the Inputstream is not closed after it has been used to update a BLOB or CLOB
        Default value
      • setCloseOutputstreamOnExit

        public void setCloseOutputstreamOnExit​(boolean b)
        When set to false, the Outputstream is not closed after BLOB or CLOB has been written to it
        Default value
      • setStreamCharset

        public void setStreamCharset​(String string)
        Charset used when reading a stream (that is e.g. going to be written to a BLOB or CLOB). When empty, the stream is copied directly to the BLOB, without conversion
      • setAvoidLocking

        public void setAvoidLocking​(boolean avoidLocking)
        If true, then select queries are executed in a way that avoids taking locks, e.g. with isolation mode 'read committed' instead of 'repeatable read'.
        Default value
      • setPrettyPrint

        public void setPrettyPrint​(boolean prettyPrint)
        If true and scalar=false, multiline indented XML is produced
        Default value
      • setOutputFormat

        public void setOutputFormat​(DocumentFormat outputFormat)
        The type of output. If not set then defaults to old-style XML. If set to XML, new-style XML is used. EXPERIMENTAL: datatypes like numbers are not yet rendered correctly
        Default value
      • getBatchSize

        public int getBatchSize()
      • getMaxRows

        public int getMaxRows()
      • getStartRow

        public int getStartRow()
      • isScalar

        public boolean isScalar()
      • isScalarExtended

        public boolean isScalarExtended()
      • isSynchronous

        public boolean isSynchronous()
        Description copied from interface: ISender
        When true, the result of sendMessage is the reply of the request.
      • getBlobColumn

        public int getBlobColumn()
      • getClobColumn

        public int getClobColumn()
      • getBlobSessionKey

        public String getBlobSessionKey()
      • getClobSessionKey

        public String getClobSessionKey()
      • getNullValue

        public String getNullValue()
      • getColumnsReturned

        public String getColumnsReturned()
      • getResultQuery

        public String getResultQuery()
      • isTrimSpaces

        public boolean isTrimSpaces()
      • getBlobCharset

        public String getBlobCharset()
      • isCloseInputstreamOnExit

        public boolean isCloseInputstreamOnExit()
      • isCloseOutputstreamOnExit

        public boolean isCloseOutputstreamOnExit()
      • getStreamCharset

        public String getStreamCharset()
      • isBlobsCompressed

        public boolean isBlobsCompressed()
      • isBlobSmartGet

        public boolean isBlobSmartGet()
      • getUseNamedParams

        public Boolean getUseNamedParams()
      • isIncludeFieldDefinition

        public boolean isIncludeFieldDefinition()
      • getRowIdSessionKey

        public String getRowIdSessionKey()
      • getPackageContent

        public String getPackageContent()
      • getColumnsReturnedList

        public String[] getColumnsReturnedList()
      • isStreamResultToServlet

        public boolean isStreamResultToServlet()
      • getSqlDialect

        public String getSqlDialect()
      • isLockRows

        public boolean isLockRows()
      • getLockWait

        public int getLockWait()
      • isAvoidLocking

        public boolean isAvoidLocking()
      • isPrettyPrint

        public boolean isPrettyPrint()